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Enhanced Consumer Experience

Enhanced Consumer Experience (Learn More)
Using animation, e-instructs makes the assembly, use and maintenance of any product simple and fun. Follow along as the e-instruction demonstrates exactly how the product is assembled and used.

e-instructions are Simple and Clear
(Learn More)
With e-instructs.com, the customer is provided detailed views of all fasteners (to scale), small parts and their assemblies.

e-instructs Never Get Lost, Misplaced or Thrown Away
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Each customer has access to their own personal library where their e-instructions are stored online and accessible anytime anywhere with a simple web browser or web enabled mobile device.

Now Everyone Can Assemble Products (Learn More)
Eliminate the fear and anxiety associated with complex product instructions.  With e-instructs.com just watch the step by step animated instructions and simply follow along.

Instruction are Always Up-to-Date (Learn More)
Because e-instructs are online digital data, they can be edited or updated quickly and cost effectively.

Replacement Parts Can be Ordered With Just One Click (Learn More)
Clicking on the image of any part or accessory allows you to order it directly from within the e-instructiond.

Go Green! (Learn More)
Support green initiatives by reducing paper, chemicals and energy required to make paper instructions.

Safety First (Learn More)
e-instructs.com support animated Notes, Cautions and Warnings that call attention to customers.

Companies that use e-instructs.com are doing more to elevate the customer experience with their products. Parents using e-instructions with their children will find it also helps foster fun, family experiences assembling toys, models and more. Contact e-instructs.com to learn more.

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